Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who You Are Makes A Big Difference!

Are you losing money, using too much energy, wasting water or not taking action to green your lifestyle because you don’t know where to start?
Call Sharon Goddard 972.466.2121 ( schedule your home or business audit today!
Save money, save natural resources, shrink your carbon footprint and feel better about doing your part to help the planet. Learn how you can help others share in the solution!
Energy audits help homeowners and business owners determine how and where a house or building is losing energy.
• 100 point check list Inside and out
• What to do?
• Where to start?
Determine where you have problems. Find out where a little effort will go a long way. Create for yourself a cozier and healthier home. Establish for your company a more efficient and economical work space.
• Written recommendations
• Phasing for larger projects
• Recommendations for labor
• $200.00 for single family home
• $250.00 for company building

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