Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Oceans Need You

Everybody knows that our atmosphere is absorbing all the tons of carbon dioxide(CO2) we create. What we might not think about is that the oceans do the same. The CO2 causes the oceans’ acid level to rise, dissolving the exoskeleton of marine life. “Ocean acidification is particularly harmful to surface and deep-water corals, plankton, snails, lobsters, clams, oysters and other mollusks” says The Ocean Conservancy. As these sea creatures make their “shells” they actually trap (sequester) CO2; without them CO2 will not be absorbed.

And when our oceans have sequestered as much CO2 as they can, every living thing in the ocean will die. “The ocean is the engine that drives our planet’s climate. It is our life support system, providing much of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the resources we depend on for life every day. The ocean is essential for life. Unfortunately, the ocean will be the first ecosystem to suffer widespread effects of global climate change.” (Ocean Conservancy news) When the oceans die, we aren’t far behind.

Are you producing more CO2 than you need to? Have you taken measures to cut back on your consumption? Have you streamlined your energy use? Are you wasting water? These are questions that some people don’t think are very important right now; but they’re wrong. If we are to leave a sustainable planet (one that will live on) for our children, we all need to do our part.

We can all take easy steps to cut down our use of precious natural resources by turning off electronics and lights when not in use, by programming our thermostat to only power-up when we are there and by reducing our car travel. All these simple measures go a long way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Saving water isn’t hard either. By drinking water from a pitcher or a reusable water bottle, by only running a full dishwasher or washer, and by using rainwater to water your yard - you can save a lot of water.

Remember that that single use plastic bottle you buy becomes the reason for all the plastic pellets starving the wildlife…the fertilizer you put on your yard becomes the reason for all the algae blooms killing out the oxygen in our waterways…that plastic bag becomes the noose that drowns our sea creatures…that unfiltered stormwater becomes the reason for all the silt killing our creeks, rivers and deltas. Remember and make another choice.

We are all intelligent people. We want to do what’s right for our children. We just have to remember what’s right for them is what’s right for the planet. You can make the difference. Start today.
Sharon Goddard is the Green Lady (, providing home and business energy audits, energy efficiency overhauls for homes, and green builder marketing. She has spent most of her life working for the planet. Most recently she put more than 8,000 individuals to work serving the community with programs she created. Sharon believes that we all have to do our part to stop climate change. If you’d like to follow her progress go to

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