Sunday, November 18, 2007

Great Job Carrollton!

The citizens of Carrollton really did a wonderful job diverting recyclables for Texas Recycles Day. With the help of Keep Carrollton Beautiful, more than 200 volunteers got a cute t-shirt, had fun serving the community on a beautiful day and ate a lot of pizza. And with the help of eight recycling vendors and the City, Carrollton diverted 30,000 pounds of recyclables from the landfill.

The Carrollton Evening Lions Club collected eyeglasses and reusable medical equipment. “Close Knit” (Senior Center) collected knitting yarn. Dallas Computer Parts collected electronics and with the help of the City of Carrollton, computer monitors. Firestone on Old Denton Road collected car tires and car batteries. Keep Carrollton Beautiful collected cell phones and lap tops. PTA Council “Clothes Closet” collected gently used clothing and shoes. And Triple A Recycling collected scrap metal and appliances.

Keep Carrollton Beautiful educates about environmental issues including the 4R’s and reached a lot of people on Texas Recycles Day. They reduced our landfill tipping fees. They reused lots of clothes. They recycled what couldn’t be reused. And they encouraged everyone to rebuy recycled material goods by selling their reusable grocery bags.

Of course, Keep Carrollton Beautiful couldn’t do it without the support of great in-kind donors like Newman Smith High School, Domino’s Pizza, Tom Thumb, Kroger and Albertsons. Or without the support of their sponsors like Carrollton Evening Lions Club and Trinity Medical Center.

If you’d like to help close the loop, go to and buy your own reusable grocery bags. The bags are made from recycled material, very strong and washable. They work better than plastic bags because they hold more. The reusable grocery bags are green and have Keep Carrollton Beautiful’s logo on them. When you use them, everyone will see that you are part of the solution.

“It’s our intention to teach everyone about reduce, reuse, recycle, rebuy. Our reusable grocery bags are great symbols of stepping forward to support that cause,” said Sharon Goddard. “I personally would like to make plastic bags obsolete in Carrollton.”