Monday, August 27, 2007

Team-Me USA Really Cleaned Up

Lots of groups are getting the bug – they want their community to be beautiful and where it isn’t – they just go to work. Over the weekend, Team-Me USA got an energetic group together to clean the greenbelt close to Frankford Road and Josey Lane.

Team-Me USA is a non-profit begun by Tony Owens to help teens prepare for responsible adulthood and build the skills they need to negotiate a rapidly changing society. Just begun in January, their mission is a good one: “to build character and to help teens develop the leadership skills that greatly affect their ability to make positive decisions and avoid the pitfalls that could place them at risk.”

A community cleanup is a perfect way to take responsibility for where you live while having a huge impact. Bobby Brady, Parks Dept. for the City of Carrollton, directed the group to this greenbelt because it’s very hard for the City staff to keep up with all the maintenance; especially with all the rain we had this spring.

Partnering with Keep Carrollton Beautiful was also a great decision because it netted them trash bags, surgical gloves and pickers. “Groups like this are perfect examples of what it means to take responsibility in your own community. What we found was that the City was doing a great job in the greenbelt but the streets could use some help. I hope we can find groups and companies to adopt all the streets with our Adopt-A-Spot program,” said Sharon Goddard, Keep Carrollton Beautiful.

They even separated the recycling from the trash they collected. “We couldn’t believe that people would use the trails in the beautiful greenbelt for walking or jogging or picnicking and then LEAVE their water bottle!” Many, many people did!

To contact Team-Me USA, go to and find out about their other great programs for teens. To find out about the up coming Trinity River Trash Bash and Texas Recycles Day hosted by Keep Carrollton Beautiful, go to Maybe people will learn to PICK UP THEIR OWN TRASH.