Monday, April 19, 2010

What are you doing for Earth Day 40?

Here's a suggestion:
Dallas Earth Fest
What: A street fair with food, music, avariety of acts and activities that take place on the event's two stages throughout the day. Face painters, balloon artists and more. Don't miss the Recycled Fashion Show which showcases some creative, cutting-edge designs made out of recycled materials. Teams of volunteers from a large number of downtown Dallas businesses participate in a range of downtown cleanup activities.

When: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where: Pegasus Park, Dallas, TX

Take DART: Take DART Rail Red Line, Blue Line or Green Line to Akard Station to attend Earth Fest 2010.

Dallas Recycling Hotline: 214-670-4475. Recycling from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

There are many more options at


1. Get it together: You can cut back on auto emissions by combining your errands into one sensible trip.

2. Refuel when it's cool: This reduces the potential for ozone formation. Also, never top off your tank and always ensure your gas cap seals properly.

3. Maintain your car: Regular maintenance is a little-known way to cut back on pollution. It also helps your fuel economy.

4. Avoid excessive idling: To combat this, try driving during off-peak hours. Also, avoid construction areas and drive-thrus.

5. Watch for smoke: Black smoke means there is too much gas in the air-fuel mixture, while blue smoke indicates the engine is burning oil and too many hydrocarbons are being released.

6. See the light: Dashboard warning lights alert you of engine problems or other malfunctions, which may have an environmental impact. Be sure to have them checked out by a mechanic.

7. Check for leaks: Act quickly if you notice an air conditioner leak. Chloro-
fluorocarbons pose a threat to stratospheric ozone.

8. Note your mpg's: Pay attention to a loss in fuel economy as this usually signals an increase in emissions.

9. Try an electric shave: Using gas-powered lawn equipment for one hour causes as much pollution as driving 50 miles in a car!

10. Go public: Instead of driving your car on nights and weekends, take the bus, hop on a train, ride your bike or here's a crazy idea - walk.

Want to make your home more energy efficient? Just watch this video for great ideas that will save you money too.