Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Volunteer to Make a Difference 1house at a time March 27, 2010

We need your help to retrofit a senior citizen’s home near Fair Park. We will be replacing plumbing under kitchen sink, a dishwasher, two window units and broken window glass. We will be caulking, weather-stripping, insulating and weatherizing. And we’ll be installing a new dryer vent, rain catchment system, low-flow showerheads and CFLs. There’s a job for every level of expertise.

Go to www.1houseatatime.org and submit your volunteer waiver to register. We will need about 50 volunteers that day, so we are happy to have your company’s green team or church group.

If you want an opportunity to help yourself and low-income families live more environmentally sustainable, financially successful and satisfying lives. If you have a building skill that you’d like to use in community service. Or if you would like to find out how to make your home more comfortable, saving money on utility bills and have a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. A Nurtured World has a great opportunity for you - 1house at a time. Come out Saturday, March 27th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and help us make a big difference.

Working with low-income homeowners, housing assistance providers, and volunteers, 1house at a timeTM reduces home utility consumption through home weatherization; new energy and water efficient appliances and HVAC systems; efficient water fixtures; rain barrels; and energy saving devices such as programmable thermostats and compact fluorescent bulbs as well as solar power and other green technologies. They make extensive use of volunteers to not only perform the work during retrofits, but for training, coordination and follow-up, multiplying the program’s impact in the community.

Volunteers are educated about the financial benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy practices. Everyone goes away with practices they can apply to their own homes and businesses. In 2009 A Nurtured World documented $11,788 in savings, 4,438 KWhr of electricity conserved, 64,050 gallons of water conserved and 7.05 tons of carbon dioxide reduced for houses completed in 2007 and 2008.
For their Work Events, 1house at a timeTM leverages local service agencies that provide assistance to the elderly and low-income community and taking advantage of the many rebates and services offered by utility providers. The program also encourages building material suppliers to donate in-kind needed appliances and fixtures and organizations to ‘sponsor’ homes and have team-building volunteer events.

A Nurtured World is a non-profit agency and supports the Work Events by receiving donations, sponsorships and grant funding. If this vision is what your company or church would like to support, go to www.1houseatatime.org to make a tax deductible contribution.

To volunteer your time or skills, email sharon@1houseatatime.org and sign up for the next event or call 972.466.2121 with questions.