Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October’s Yard of the Month is a Real Stress Reliever

After living in a number of places in Carrollton (where there are also probably beautiful yards left behind) the Cathey’s moved to their present home just three years ago. They were awarded Keep Carrollton Beautiful’s “Yard of the Month” after “refurbishing” their front and side lot for only one year!

David Cathey is the primary planner, selector and digger, but his wife Sandy and son also help. A year ago they were looking for a stress reliever and decided to beautify their yards in the process. David says he gets out there and digs and transplants and the time just flies. All his neighbors are glad he’s stressed out!

Doing research on the internet to find what he wanted to plant, their growing requirements and how large they usually get, David made a plan for each plants location. Sandy says they incorporated plants from her Father’s and other family members’ yards and each time she looks at the flourishing specimen she thinks of her loved one. They have worlds of flowers for the bees and butterflies, choosing plants that attract many species. Their corner lot is alive with color and insect activity, as well as an occasional vehicle slowing down to take a closer look.

David doesn’t want to give anyone the impression that what they’ve accomplished was easy. Taking up the sod to form the beds was a shovel-full by shovel-full process. It was labor intensive work but not so difficult that any homeowner couldn’t do it.

The Catheys have incorporated zinnias, marigolds, butterfly bush in a number of varieties, elephant ears, Rose of Sharon, rosemary, Texas Sage, dwarf crepe myrtle and a dozen other flowing plants they can’t name. Most of the plants are drought tolerant or Texas Natives. After all the work, now they just get to stand out there and water them, accepting compliments from neighbors even blocks away.

“The Catheys are examples of how one neighbor taking care of their property can have a ripple effect on down the block - with others picking up on their energy. We can all help our neighbors by providing transplants, advise or even elbow grease”, said Sharon Goddard, executive director of Keep Carrollton Beautiful.

If there is someone you feel deserves the “Yard of the Month” award, please call 972.466.2121. Don’t forget to beautify your own property by bringing all your recyclables to Texas Recycles Day on Saturday, November 15th. To find out what will be recycled, get a flier or volunteer, please go to

Keep Carrollton Beautiful is a catalyst and community liaison making Carrollton a cleaner and more beautiful place. Keep Carrollton Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to engage Carrollton to enhance our community environment.
Since 2004, we have held 49 public events utilizing 5,400 volunteers. Our programs funnel energy and money into community improvement in partnership with Carrollton’s public, private and civic groups. Our leadership is a volunteer Board who work in all aspects of the community.

Sharon is a third generation Carrolltonite who has spent the last five years creating community in Carrollton. She believes: “America is in a crisis. We're in a very Un-American jam. We are doing a very poor job educating all our children; the drop-out rate is very high -- with the weather changing in much of the world to flood and/or drought; the devastation of global warming is getting clearer -- the unemployment rate is raising the numbers of "working poor". All the change we need is in the average citizens' hands. Historically, citizen leadership is the only way anything in America has ever changed. Everyone needs to do their part at home and at work. It's up to all of us to be the best of America.”

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