Wednesday, April 30, 2008

“We Can Solve It” – Solutions for Climate Change

People like us want to leave our children and children’s children a clean, livable planet. We will have to educated them to have “a range of critical-thinking skills to deal with an unprecedented future,” said Susanne Moser, Ignition, and “the ability to cooperate with others under stress to deal with the challenges.”

Medical and public health professional are “taking responsible, ethical action to protect human life,” said Bob Musil, Ignition and we need to help them. We all want healthy homes and communities and right now our laws do not adequately protect us, much less our children.

Climate change not only effects the environment around us but the environment within us – toxin levels, deformities, disabilities and the spread of disease. In 1962, during open-air nuclear testing, John F. Kennedy said, “We all love our children. We all breathe the same air. We are all mortal.” And we all need to do what we can to stop climate change.

Bob Musil, Ignition says climate change “will create serious negative effects from … flooding, wetland destruction and spread of waterborne … diseases.” Not to mention the effects of increased heat. There is a close relationship between dirty air (high particulate levels from vehicles and power plants) and natural disasters, asthma and heat related deaths. There is also a close relationship between dirty water (pollution from pesticide runoff) and mercury poison, fish advisories and “boil” orders.

Most of us have a part of the natural world we hold dear – woods or mountains or lakes or rivers or even urban garden plots. What happens when those places of spiritual solace disappear? Who is responsible? Aren’t we Earth’s stewards?

Find a place in our community to revitalize – plant trees and involve diverse groups. Eat locally grown food and walk or bicycle to get it. Write your local, state, and federal officials to pressure them for clean energy and strong emissions policies. Speak up for your family’s health. VOTE – vote for those who have individuals’ best interest at heart and not big business’.

Stand up for your right to clean air, clean water and a sustainable planet. Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescents and your appliances to Energy Star and turn them off when not in use. Caulk your windows and weather-strip your doors. Fix leaky faucets and don’t waste water. Combine driving trips and don’t idle. You are part of the solution!

Funding for grassroots organization can dramatically shift national energy policy by banding us together for a louder voice. It is ALL our individual responsibilities’ to help make giant strides against climate change for the generations to come. We can solve it! Start now.

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